Guala Pack S.p.A. has announced its acquisition of the majority stake in Easysnap Technology

Guala Pack S.p.A. has announced its acquisition of the majority stake in Easysnap Technology, a company from the Italian Packaging Valley, globally renowned for its patented Easysnap® technology, an innovative system to easily open single-dose packets.

Gualapack, a historical Italian company in the flexible packaging sector with its headquarters in Alessandria manages production facilities across the globe. Gualapack manufactures packaging for food and pharmaceuticals, home cleaning products and cosmetics. Furthermore, Gualapack supplies complete and technologically advanced solutions known as Gualapack System.

Easysnap Technology, headquartered in Modena, manufactures single serve packs with an innovative, easy-opening feature that is suitable for liquid and semi-liquid products.

Andrea Taglini will maintain his role as CEO of the company to guarantee continuity in the interests and objectives shared by the two companies, which have already built a long-lasting relationship as client and supplier.

The benefits of the acquisition will indeed mainly translate into a boost to productivity, a strong drive for innovation and a solid commitment to sustainability.

President and CEO of Guala Pack S.p.A. Michele Guala stated: “We went through with this acquisition because we know the product and its potential well, but most importantly because we believe Easysnap’s success will accelerate in the future.

Andrea Taglini shares extremely positive expectations for the partnership: “I am thrilled about this agreement with Gualapack, which is both a challenge and a huge opportunity for us to reach remarkable sales goals with an increasingly green approach.”

Written by Dom Thorby