Business Limelight – IMA ILAPAK

Material gains

Sustainability has always been a priority at IMA ILAPAK and its proven experience
in the sustainable materials field continues to gather pace thanks to OpenLab.

The IMA Group’s unique network of technological laboratories and extensive testing facilities dedicated to the research on sustainable materials, technologies and production optimisation processes As a result, it can now help customers more than ever, to reduce plastic content, or switch to new sustainable materials, whilst maintaining the same production performance levels.

In fact, IMA ILAPAK can now offer more sustainable solutions through downgauging, or the adoption of recyclable mono plastic materials. These solutions allow customers to have films with thinner gauges than standard ones, but it also means that they are more delicate when processing and sealing on any packaging machinery.

At IMA ILAPAK, dedicated technical solutions have been designed to better manage these materials and avoid the stressing of sealing joints. The company has developed and implemented new geometric profiles of sealing jaws that are combined with devices that assist the flow of mono plastic wrapping materials to perfection. To summarise, the mono-material will guarantee the use of less plastic and provide a 100% recyclable solution.

Move to paper dramatically reducing plastic

With paper-based wrapping materials, IMA ILAPAK can dramatically reduce the use of plastic to a much lower level and to a more acceptable percentage, thereby guaranteeing
a high level of recyclability and increased sustainability.

IMA ILAPAK has re-engineered its folding boxes, as well as its forming tubes, and other parts that come directly into contact with films. This ensures the perfect sliding of a rigid and critical material such as paper – which by its nature, is subject to breakage or deterioration if not handled properly.

The company has also implemented ultrasonic sealing as an alternative to heat sealing. This technology achieves excellent results with paper-based packaging materials. In addition, it does not that does not exploit heat, which is essential with paper being a thermal insulator. What’s more, when using an ultrasonic system, the sealing area is significantly reduced, result, in less material being used.

IMA ILAPAK DELTA WW OF-HSX full electric flow wraper

Reducing energy consumption

IMA ILAPAK has launched the all-electric flowrapper: the new Delta WW OF-HSX. An innovative and sustainable HFFS packaging machine that drastically reduces energy consumption the faster the machine operates.

Thanks to its ground-breaking features, the fully electronic machine was nominated for the Sustainability Award 2022 by SPS Italia, in the category “Excellence Award: Best project for sustainability”, as it aims at energy saving thanks to its absence of pneumatic applications. Not only does it save energy and therefore money, but it also offers a far better performance than a standard pneumatic machine.

This solution is capable of ensuring the same configurationof the sealing elements, up to 170 ppm with traditional laminated films and up to 130ppm with fully recyclable materials.

Comparing the Delta WW OF-HSX to a standard flow wrapper and considering the same operating hours and speed – 170ppm – in one year, the Delta consumes 1.500 kWh, whereas a standard machine consumes 27.400 kWh (Including air network losses). This project leads to less energy consumption, greater sustainability, less environmental impact, and lower operating costs, while at the same time providing a better performance and greater efficiency.

The vision and tangible commitment of IMA ILAPAK towards greater sustainability, has allowed its customers to use the latest new-generation, eco-friendly materials.

The company’s unique technology will significantly reduce the use of plastic materials, as well as substantially reduce energy consumption wherever it may be installed.

Such commitment fully reflects the IMA ZERO values, the IMA Group’s Sustainable Development programme, designed to reduce environmental impact in the manufacturing sector. This major project is comprised of four strong pillars: LOW (Low-Impact Program) preserves resources; NOP (No-Plastic Programme) reduces plastic use; E-MOB (Sustainable Mobility Programme) fosters sustainable mobility; YOU (Human-Centric Programme) promotes human rights. In addition, all solutions created by IMA ILAPAK are fully aligned with the IMA Group’s certified sustainability programmes.