Business Limelight – Evertis

Taking steps towards a regenerative future

Sustainable solutions flow fast and frequently at Evertis. we invited the company to update us on its latest products and achievements.  

Evertis told SPN, “At Evertis we are fully committed to supplying future-fit PET packaging solutions. As a global food packaging company, we are conscious of our role in promoting the circularity of PET trays, as well as our responsibility to reduce food waste. For that reason, we center our innovation in developing films that are recyclable and have a high incorporation of recycled content, whilst maintaining product functionality.   

To Evertis, eco-design means supplying products that follow all legislation and regulation in the food contact industry, protecting and assuring the proprieties of the product that is packed, and guaranteeing that after the product is consumed, the packaging can be recycled and incorporated again for new materials.

EcobarTM, our newest product launch, is a recyclable APET film with enhanced barrier and sealing capabilities. The usual PET/EVOH/PE structure is replaced with a recyclable PET/EVOH/PET structure – more than 90% is PET. This is the perfect solution for brand-owners looking for alternative sustainable solutions that maintain product functionality in terms of food preservation, at the same time as meeting recyclability targets.

These films guarantee extended freshness and protection, offering a longer shelf-life for perishable goods, with or without a conditioned environment (MAP applications).

EcobarTM films are compatible with universal sealing lidding films and ideal for Form-Fill-Seal packaging of products. Our recyclable barrier films offer superior performance and exceptional clarity, for a wide range of food applications such as fresh meat, fish, seafood, ham, bacon and cheese.

Apart from centering innovation on recyclable solutions, we target 50% recycled content in our products. We are pioneers in the inclusion of recycled content in our films, with our own recycling unit operating since 2002 and in the development of a full circular model, with a recent partnership for tray-to-tray recycling since 2019.

In 2021 we were above the objectives of the European Union of reaching a 25% of recycled content by 2025, incorporating more than 31,000 tons of recycled PET in our film production. Our results exceed our commitment and, as one of the more than 100 signatories of the Circular Plastic Alliance, Evertis over contributes to the collective goal of using 10 million tons of recycled plastics, to make new products every year in Europe, by 2025.

Our innovation team considers every stage of our product´s journey, before and after it reaches the consumer. Consequently, we started 2022 by achieving EuCertPlast food contact certification of our recycling unit, recognizing that our operations meet the highest standards and provide confidence to our clients that all our input waste post-consumer PET and output PET flake is produced according to best practices.  

The certification works according to the European Standard EN 15343:2007 and encourages an environmentally friendly recycling of plastics by standardizing it, offering traceability in the supply chain, throughout the recycling process, and recycled content quantity, in the end products.

At Evertis our mission is to develop future-fit packaging solutions that meet the highest expectations of clients and end consumers in terms of food safety, functionality, and circularity, as well as committing to the creation of opportunities for the whole industry to become regenerative.