WPO announces a partnership with the recently created SMP (Sustainable Medicines Partnership)

WPO is sharing knowledge with SMP to help establish the SMP Awards for two categories: ‘Pharmaceutical’ and ‘Sustainable Packaging Design’.

As part of its strategy to continually raise the profile of the important role that sustainable packaging plays in many industries, the WPO (World Packaging Organisation – www.worldpackaging.org) announced yesterday, during a webinar, the support to the recently created SMP (Sustainable Medicines Partnership – https://www.yewmaker.com/smp), a branch of YewMaker (www.yewmaker.com). The SMP is a not-for-profit private-public collaboration executing projects to make the use of medicines more sustainable and less wasteful.

The webinar ‘Awarding Sustainable Pharmaceutical Packaging’ counted with a number of speakers from the Pharmaceutical Industry; the global packaging industry was represented by WPO WorldStar Awards Coordinator Soha Atallah, that offered a look at the WorldStar Awards Program, and WPO Global Ambassador, Chakravarthi AVPS, who spoke about ‘Sustainable and patient centric packaging’. Pierre Pienaar, WPO President, was the Moderator of the event.

During the webinar, SMP announced the launch of the new SMP Awards, a global pharmaceutical awards program, for 02 categories: ‘Pharmaceutical’ and ‘Sustainable Packaging Design’. This second category will feed in to the WorldStar Packaging Awards, the global packaging competition organized by WPO.

“The partnership that the WPO has formed with the global association namely Sustainable Medicines Partnership is key to the development of more suitable packaging for a sustainable world in pharmaceuticals. Medicines and pharmaceuticals are major users of packaging globally so it makes good sense to combine forces to bring about change and create more sustainable packaging for all. This relationship between these two global organisations will bring an awareness across the world of the immense importance of sustainability and show the level of commitment to the world of packaging”, celebrates WPO President, Pierre Pienaar.

Nazneen Rahman, CEO of YewMaker and SMP Director, said: “The World Packaging Organisation are a global powerhouse promoting innovation that improves the effectiveness and sustainability of packaging. We are delighted WPO has joined the Partnership and will be endorsing the SMP Awards. Together we will drive global awareness of the need for sustainable medicines packaging solutions and will recognise, reward, and incentivise sustainable innovation.”  

Written by Dominy Jones