How the eCommerce industry can help save our oceans this World Water Week

We are now in World Water Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of our oceans, and what steps we can take to help protect them.

After the publishing of the IPCC climate report, preserving our waters and those who rely on them is extremely high on the agenda for creating a greener, sustainable future. And one small action that could make a huge difference to our oceans lies in an unsuspecting place; ecommerce shipping labels.

8.2 million parcels are sent everyday in the UK, and the majority of these will have thermal labels stuck to them, but what most people don’t know is that thermal labels are contributing to the devastating amount of plastic in our oceans, subsequently harming and killing marine life.

Thermal labels contain phenols and bisphenols and therefore are unable to break down fully after use, so instead, they create microplastics.

There are already 14 million tons of microplastic on the ocean floor, and a shocking 75% of deep sea fish are known to have ingested plastic. Our oceans and marine life are relying on us to make a change, and there’s a simple solution. Eco thermal labels made from a natural, regenerative source that does not cause harm to the environment, helping to protect our planet, our oceans, and our marine life.

Comment from: Josh Pitman, Managing Director at Priory Direct, a UK based planet friendly packaging supplier: “Water is the foundation of our world’s habitats and ecosystems which is why the fight against microplastics and BPA’s is critical as they most-directly threaten this hugely valuable resource. Businesses and consumers alike must look downstream of their own activities and choices to how they affect our water and do all they can to raise awareness and drive change.”

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Written by Kevin Gambrill

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