Woodacity®, making the impossible possible

Quadpack introduces its patented full-wood family of closure systems.

International beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack has applied its expertise in wood to render it functional. Woodacity® is a new range of closure systems for fragrance packs, each cap crafted from a single piece of sustainably-sourced wood. The unique designs obviate the need for a plastic insert, for ultimate circularity. Initially comprising three proprietary designs, the flagship of the range is a world first, with a unique internal structure, subject to a global patent.

“Our experts have effectively mechanised wood,” said Quadpack Head of Categories Pierre-Antoine Henry. “Woodacity® elevates this natural material beyond the aesthetic, to become a fully-functional component of a beauty packaging solution. This full-wood innovation is the first of its kind, bringing sustainable added value to beauty brands.”

Woodacity® offers the same functional properties and stability as plastic, along with the sustainable and aesthetic qualities of wood. A strict industrial process ensures perfect performance, from storage in controlled conditions, through drying and shaping, all the way to lacquering and decoration. The result is a stunning range of monomaterial closures that add pure natural luxury to any fragrance bottle.

Three systems are available, all made in Europe at the Quadpack Wood factory, using wood sourced from sustainably-managed forests:

Solo Snap: A globally patented snap-on cap, with a unique pattern of interior ribs and a secure ‘click’ closure.

Solo Push: A globally patented friction fit cap, that closes the pack with a smooth push gesture.          

Solo Turn: A thread cap with a screw closure, perfectly matched with Quadpack’s Regula Glass jar, also made in Europe.

Woodacity® was conceived following a two-year research and development project to turn wooden fragrance caps into working packaging components. A team of designers, engineers and technicians investigated the material in different conditions, shapes and combinations at Quadpack Wood, to achieve the first three closure systems available today. More variants are currently under development.

The full Woodacity® range is available immediately for bespoke projects. Solo Turn is also in Quadpack’s portfolio as a Q-Line product. Other Woodacity® formats will become available as Q-Line products in the future.

For more information go to www.quadpack.com

Written by Kevin Gambrill