Enviro Label: the sustainable   solution for the wine industry

The Astral project from Cape Jaffa, MCC Adelaide, Australia

Enviro label

Cape Jaffa Winery is located at a unique, isolated post on the South Australian coastline. Their wines are made with heart, Earth and salt air. They aim to bring sustainable practices into all elements of their business. They are completely off grid and have their own water supply. Finding a labelling solution that fits with the core values was the goal. The outcome: Enviro white digital label.

Enviro Label™ for the wine industry – our Enviro Label™ is the environmental choice in self adhesive label paper stocks, developed specifically for the wine industry.

What makes it unique? The Enviro Label™ is the first 100% recycled uncoated label stock. It equals the whiteness and visual appeal of traditional uncoated papers. The label is produced from certified ‘100% recycled’ pulp. The chlorine-free face stock is laminated onto fully recyclable PET liner, eliminating by-product waste.

This sustainable label solution harmonizes well with the commitment to sustainability and balance Cape Jaffa Winery has.

“MCC has always provided exceptional services and products. We now have access to superior label and print technology that allows us to use sustainable practices wherever possible. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.”
Derek Hooper, Owner & General Manager at Cape Jaffa Winery.

MCC is a Global supplier of premium label solutions. They are committed to continuously developing sustainable label products that meet your needs.

For further information, please visit www.mcclabel.com or www.mcclabel.com/sustainability-roadmap

Written by Kevin Gambrill