W-Cycle home compostable and RENEWABLE FOOD PACKAGING trays PFA free and with Barriers

W-Cycle has extended its range of home compostable food packaging solutions and has managed to achieve WVTR and OTR barriers.

W-Cycle launches its new SupraPulpTM   V1.5. This new product retains the original SupraPulp TM 1.0 water resistance qualities even as it maintains its 100% home compostable and adds a PFA free certification.

SP1.5 is the perfect replacement for the polystyrene and plastic trays for fresh meat, Vegetables and fruit to name a few.

“Up to now, W-Cycle has been focused on providing a solution for ‘Ready To Eat’ meals packaging, with the new Sp1.5  PFA free version, we can now be competitive in the fast food and with home customers as well” says Lior Itai, CEO

Like SP 1.0, SP1.5 can be used in a freezer, fresh, oven, microwave, and steam ovens.

W-Cycle has also achieved WVTR barriers in frozen environments which opens a large variety of applications, such as frozen meat, meat substitutes, Ice Cream, vegetables, herbs, and fruit.

“By achieving these Barrier levels and as we work towards higher OTR and WVTR   barriers we are looking to expand our reach into new markets and applications and help reduce plastic waste globally.”

Continues Mr Itai “We are proud to have been chosen by Global food manufacturers such as Unilever, as part of their ongoing initiatives to reduce their plastic footprint, on many different applications where SupraPulpTM can make a difference. Working with them has helped push our R&D and production capabilities to where we are today.

W-Cycle are determined to make a difference by providing high quality solutions, based on renewable resources and which are home compostable, to the market.”

For more information, please visit https://w-cycle.com/

Written by Dominy Jones