WashOff Labels: Boosting the Reusable System

How innovative label solutions enable a smooth return and reuse process for bottles and help increase quotas

According to the Packaging Act of January 2019, the share of returnable beverage containers needs to reach 70 percent. The Federal Association of Consumer Organizations states that a nationwide, non-representative market check by consumer associations showed that discounters and supermarkets are still missing this mark by far.

What role do labels play in the process of returnable bottles and how can they support circularity?

An important requirement for reusable bottles to work and be refilled efficiently over and over again is a label that can be removed quickly, easily and without leaving any residues. WashOff labels were especially developed for bottles that go through several life cycles and enable exactly that.

Compared to wet-glue labels WashOff labels do not require the use of water for the cleaning and maintenance of the change parts. Not only is this a cost saving but also more sustainable in the long term. Additionally, WashOff labels are user friendly compared to wet-glue labels as there are fewer change parts required for label size and shape changes which increases efficiencies as well as time-to-market for innovations.

The cleaning process: The WashOff technology guarantees that the labels shrink and detach from the bottles inside the washing bath simply due to its temperature – there is no need for additives. Inks and adhesive remain on the labels so they won’t contaminate the water and the washed off decoration can be easily retrieved from the washing basin.

The removal process can take place at the usual temperatures in the washing bath, no additional use of energy or special caustic is necessary. Due to the shrinkage of the labels they have a lower waste volume than other labels.

“WashOff labels are compatible with all conventional industrial washing systems that are used, for example, by breweries for their pool bottles. In addition, the WashOff labels have the advantage that they are resistant to moisture and the resulting “label slipping” during use, which can often be observed with returnable bottles,” says Sebastian Kleu, Head of Sales PSL Europe at CCL Label. “For a smooth functionality of the reusable system and the increase of the quota to 70 percent, which is prescribed by the packaging law, the correct labels are certainly a key to success!”

“The use of self-adhesive labels leads to better efficiency and higher speeds in the filling lines. In addition, our WashOff labels also work at lower temperatures in the water bath, which helps save energy,” adds Simon Pearce, Global Marketing Head Beverages. “The good sustainability performance and premium look of WashOff labels offer advantages throughout their entire life cycle”.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill