Volpak develops an evolution of the SC+ machine for preformed pouches

Volpak, a Coesia company specialized in the manufacturing of HFFS machines for consumer goods, continues the evolution of its flagship “SC+”; a continuous movement machine that boasts superior performance.

The latest version of the machine has been designed for preformed pouches and features a high level of automation, ensuring the production of the best quality packaging. It’s been designed mainly for the Asian market and it’s employable by different industries, from Home to Personal Care to Food, both for solid and liquid products.

Quality as a driver

Precision and an extremely high level of automation. These were the core concepts for the development of SC+, a continuous movement machine that is Volpak’s flagship unit. Introduced for the first time three years ago, SC+ has seen ongoing refinement and improvement efforts and is now available in different versions, to meet the needs of an increasingly more diverse market. The latest SC+ version has been developed for the filling and packaging of preformed pouches. In this version, the machine has an extremely compact layout that allows its use in small spaces. Moreover, the high level of automation and the precision of its mechanical mechanisms guarantee the production of extremely high-quality pouches, completely imperfection-free.

Perfect for the Home and Personal Care markets and beyond

For its characteristics, this version of the SC+ is especially suited to the Asian market, where the quality of the packaging, in industries such as makeup and personal care, is extremely important. In countries such as Japan, the quality of the pouches containing products such as makeup, lotions and shampoo is as important as the product itself. The SC+, however, is flexible enough to allow its use in other industries as well, regardless of the density and foaming properties of the product. This means that the SC+ is also suitable for the packaging of solid products and can be used in fields ranging from chemicals to pet food, for the packaging of products such as motor oil, ketchup type sauces and dry pet food.

Multiple locking system options

All of this is also made possible by the ample flexibility that the SC+ allows in terms of materials: the customer can employ pouches made with different types of films, including recyclable mono-materials, with a positive impact on the environment. The closure system also allows for great flexibility; SC+ can employ different kinds of caps that can also be positioned differently depending on the circumstances. SC+ has three different setups for preformed pouches: the machine for pouches up to a liter is equipped with 24 dosing units, the one for up to two-liter pouches is equipped with 20 dosing units, while the one for the biggest form factor, 3 liters, has 16 dosing units.

One of the best TCOs in the market

The SC+ machine has been designed to meet the Industry 4.0 requirements, which demand minimal supervision by the operator and low maintenance, thus guaranteeing a 60% saving on such costs compared to more commonly used machines. The SC+ is also extremely efficient, both from an energy consumption point of view and in terms of packaging material waste, which are very small, with a percentage of rejected pouches about 85% lower compared to the competition. The machine concept allows the production to continue, even if one of the dosing systems fails, thus avoiding downtime. Finally, the ratio of “non-compliant” pouches is especially low, being about 1 every 30.000. All these areas make it so the “cost per pouch” of the SC+ is one of the best on the market.

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Written by Dom Thorby

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