Turning waste into value – test of microfiber material at Emballator Innovation Center

Bio-based microfibers from feathers is being tested at Emballator Innovation Center for plastic packaging. Together with Bioextrax, that has developed a unique and patented bio-based technology to produce this specific material, Emballator Innovation Center evaluates the potential of commercialization of a blend with these microfibers.

This is a step in the ambition for Emballator to decrease the share of fossil-based plastics.

“This is our first project with compounding microfibers in our own facilities. We are in the phase of adjusting processes and blends before we can say anything about the result”, says Mats Jeppsson, Innovation Manager at Emballator Innovation Center.

As with previous trials with different bio-based materials the aim is to reduce the carbon footprint. Microfibers from Bioextrax, a company which originates from research at the Department of Biotechnology at Lund University, comes from feather waste not used today. Bioextrax also takes out hydrolyzed protein from the feathers and uses this in animal feed.

“Further trials are planned and the aim is to create easy-to recycle materials for our products in the chemical and paint segments with improved mechanical properties”, says Mats Jeppsson.

“For a small innovative company like Bioextrax it is great opportunity to collaborate with Emballator and its Innovation Center, a perfect mix between market access, resources, experience and an innovative mindset. We believe that these microfibers have the potential to improve material properties while utilizing an unutilized waste source, and we hope that we can identify good applications together with Emballator”, says Edvard Hall, CEO at Bioextrax

During 2021 Emballator Innovation Center will continue to test and develop new bio-based materials for products from Emballator.

For more information go to www.emballator.com.

Written by Kevin Gambrill