Trust International on sustainable journey with Clevergreen

Reducing plastic and foam in packaging and increased usage of recycled materials in product manufacture, Trust show year-on-year improvements and a clear plan ahead.

Trust International, the one-stop brand for digital lifestyle accessories, has taken fundamental steps in its mission to simplify everyday life with clever and sustainable solutions. With its Clevergreen initiative, the company is pursuing many projects concerning the environmental impact of its products, packaging, and operations. The company is supporting the 17 Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations and aims to improve step-by-step where it can most contribute.

Trust focuses on clever changes that can make a green difference and has already hit some of its milestones. The company has switched to online manuals for most products, removing paper manuals from packaging. Trust has also reduced the size of its packaging and removed plastic where possible with the average weight of plastic in packages dropping by 12% in the last one and a half years.

Other changes include the removal of the LD-PR protection bag for large quantities of stock, removing plastic inner trays, replacing foam (EPA/EVA) with molded pulp buffers and reducing package sizes and optimizing pallet allocation. The carton-to-plastic ratio in total package waste dropped from 19.2% to 12.5% in just 2.5 years and continues to fall. All future packaging where possible will be made using recycled paper.

 “With Clevergreen, we are at the start of our sustainable journey,” said Allard Boer, CFO at Trust. “We are strongly reducing waste and plastics used in our products and packaging and are making more use of materials from renewable resources. We are also aiming to improve the recyclability and optimise our process and operations to reduce our CO₂ footprint.”

“Making this change to our GXT gaming headset packages, has already resulted in a 16% reduction of plastics in 2020,” said Boer. “We’re constantly looking for recyclable alternatives to traditional packaging methods and are participating in various audits for sustainable certifications such as FSC and GRS.”

To enable consumers to make more sustainable choices, Trust is introducing an eco-rating system for its packaging and products. For instance, a rating will be given based on the use of FSC certified carton or volume-optimised packaging free from plastics, foam, PVC, and polystyrene. The highest rating will apply when packaging is the most environmentally friendly and the product itself is made of recycled materials.

It isn’t just packaging either, Trust is also making a difference with its products as well with a new range of products including bags, mice and many more products made from recycled materials. This is just the start of the journey.

Atlanta laptop bag, the first Clevergreen product made of recycled materials

Today, Trust announces its first of many upcoming products made of recycled materials: the Atlanta laptop bag eco. A convenient and eco-friendly bag made from recycled 17 PET bottles. Accessories, peripherals, and personal belongings are safely stored in the extra compartments of the bag while commuting between home and the office in the new hybrid working era.

The origin of the materials used has been verified according to Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This means that the fabric supplier is GRS certified, and a transaction certificate (TC) for each proofs the fabric is indeed from recycled materials.

“Business as usual is no longer an option. We need to pay evergreen attention to the planet and the people involved in our eco-system. It’s our responsibility and ambition to sustainably design products, run operations and offer consumers smart, affordable and sustainable choices.” said Boer. “This is not something that can be achieved overnight. It’s a continuous effort and we’re engaging and collaborating with our partners and suppliers to make these clever changes in our production, operations and product range.”

As well as the new fabric range, Trust will continue to replace new ‘virgin’ plastic in products with recycled plastic. This Post-consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic is created from consumer waste and offers big savings in energy & water use and CO2 emissions.

With a clear plan set out on its home, office and gaming ranges, Trust will endeavour to follow the three R’s by Removing, Reducing, and Recycling, in order to improve its impact and carbon footprint of products whilst reducing carbon emissions throughout its operations and offsetting its remaining carbon footprint.More information about the Clevergreen initiative is available at

Written by Dom Thorby