The Loop Factory Speeds up Commercialisation of Yangi® Sustainable Packaging Technology

The Loop Factory has a long experience from working with fibre-based solutions in packaging and has developed Yangi® – a ground-breaking technology for resource efficient production of 3D moulded renewable packaging. The patent-pending technology is a result from more than 10 years of R&D work.  

The EIC Accelerator gave their support with the motivation “The innovation has the potential to disrupt the existing market because of the sustainability of the manufacturing process and resources used.” The funding of almost 2 M Euro will help the company to commercialise the technology, starting with implementing the results into a full-scale demo plant and joint pilot projects with partners.  

The Yangi® technology is a Dry Fibre Technology, where no water is used in the process and enables high speed production. It has significantly improved environmental impact, where the carbon footprint can be reduced with up to 90 % compared to plastics and energy consumption with up to 75 % compared to state-of-the art fibre moulding technologies. The technology can be used for production of various single-use products, such as food-trays, cups, and refill packaging. Yangi® has been recognised by Ellen MacArthur foundation as a key enabling technology for circular economy, with the potential for building new material and product platforms to support long term sustainability agendas. 

“We have worked with this technology for many years and our extensive experience from fibre-based processes and materials has resulted in a new and disruptive innovation. Our aim is to scale the innovation in collaboration with brands and industrial stakeholders, where we now are running several projects with global partners. The funding from the EIC Accelerator will be one important success factor in building a community and infrastructure for scaling. Within this project we will expand our demo and pilot possibilities and prepare and help customers to accelerate their development and investment in new technology” says Anna Altner, CEO and founder of The Loop Factory. 

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Written by Kevin Gambrill