As a vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly brand, Rainbow Cosmetics wanted to ensure that the labels on their Sunkissed range complemented its sustainable bottles and tubes. Following in-house design, the company began working with The Label Makers to create bio-based PE labels produced from 100% sugar cane ethanol. Serving as a substitute for conventional PE, bio-based PE film is available in white and transparent and has no difference in quality to standard PE films.

Once produced, the new sustainable labels were then printed on The Label Makers’ Durst digital press. In addition to providing more flexibility for limited editions and an excellent quality of print, digital offers a greater opacity of white in comparison to standard flexo inks, which was important for this project.

“Being an environmentally responsible business and wanting to bring a strong  innovative proposition to the consumer, it was important for us to fully reflect our values in our packaging for the Sunkissed brand. We are really happy with the bio-based PE labels and they don’t look any different from classic PE labels,” said Rainbow Cosmetics’ Audrey Laurent. “Working with The Label Makers is a seamless process and their mindset is forward thinking – new ideas that are aligned with our ethos and business strategy. The strong eco-friendly proposition has worked very well for us so far, with the Sunkissed brand successfully launching into Boots Ireland, Walgreens and Holland & Barrett during the spring.”

To accommodate export sales, The Label Makers had also included a flexo printed multi-page peel and reveal device as part of the label, thereby providing international consumers with 15 different languages options.

Commenting on the project, The Label Makers’ Ben Robinson said: “We’ve worked with Audrey and the Rainbow Cosmetics team for a number of years now and collaborate routinely on improvements to their packaging. The bio-based PE film has provided a perfect solution to complement their sustainable objectives and we are delighted that the Sunkissed brand continues to be as popular

Written by Philip Yorke

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