The first Nanolayer™ line in Africa is branded COLINES®

The leading manufacturer and distributor of packaging in South Africa Transpaco Specialised Films started their brand-new ALLrollEX 1500 57-Nanolayer™ cast line for stretch film production in their Johannesburg plant. The first Nanolayer™ line running in the continent sets a new benchmark for all of Africa. COLINES® can proudly celebrate the accomplished mission notwithstanding the troubles caused by Covid-19 and the consequent travel restrictions.

We handled all operations from remote – said Anthony Micheal Caprioli, CEO of COLINES® – both the assembly and commissioning and managed to be on schedule. Even without being on site, our technicians gave their best support to Transpaco’s team, who did an amazing job. Nanolayer™ films have higher stretch ratios and higher puncture and tear resistance, specially for high speed wrapping solutions. Also, when compared to the traditional coextrusion structures, Nanolayer™ films feature greater mechanical properties as well as measurable direct film performance, such as increased load retention”.

We reached an important milestone, as the first stretch film manufacturer in Africa capable of producing 57-NanoLayer™ rolls – said Ken Harris, Managing Director of Transpaco – and we are thankful to COLINES for the great commitment of their staff. We can proudly say that everything ran smoothly and we were given excellent support by our supplier (COLINES®). We are ready to hit the African market with our brand new Nanolayer™ rolls”.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill