Sustainable stretch film savings with the PackSynergy app

The PackSynergy network is taking the next step towards plastic reduction, sustainability and digital efficiency with an innovative Stretch Film Calculator app.

This app from Europe’s leading network of mid‐market, owner‐managed packaging wholesalers allows the required amount of film for individual products and packages to be calculated precisely. Material use, carbon dioxide emissions, plastics and costs can thus be sustainably reduced – without compromising protection or transport safety.

PackSynergy – The European Packaging Network has developed an innovative app with which network members can help their customers reduce their carbon footprint from stretch film sustainably. The new app simultaneously provides cost benefits by reducing material use.

The digital tool determines the required amount of stretch film precisely based on all relevant project and material information, with the option of a simplified or detailed calculation template. The material and CO2 savings are likewise calculated and compared with alternative products from competitors. All results can be saved and shared directly with customers or partners.

For PackSynergy CEO Thomas A. Baur, the new stretch film app marks “an important milestone in the network’s sustainability and digitalization strategy. We’ve set ourselves the goal of significantly reducing the carbon footprint and playing an active role in the fight against climate change. The app enables our partners and customers to cut their consumption of plastics, and with it their carbon footprint, in a sustainable way and at the same time save money.”

The PackSynergy network consists of 20 regional market leaders representing 19 European countries with an accumulated turnover of more than 400 million euros. The app was developed by the PackSynergy “Knowledge Management” work group under the project lead of Mira Nägele (PackSynergy; Germany) and coordinated by four member companies (Project Lead: Mira Nägele: STOK Emballage (Denmark), Samuel Grant Packaging (UK), TEOL (Serbia) and SOMI (Lithuania). The digital tool can be downloaded from Apple and Google’s app stores. It is login‐protected and use is currently restricted to members and partners of the European network.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill