Sustainable Packaging News announces Virtual Exhibition, Conference & Awards

As a pioneer of industry news online and a general champion of sustainable business practices, SPN is pleased to announce the Sustainable Packaging News Exhibition, Conference & Awards: hosted at the Sustainability Event Park, the world’s first carbon neutral exhibition centre!

The full schedule of events will kick-off on January 27th, 2022 with the ‘Circular Economy’ conference, followed by quarterly events throughout the year. The content aims to appeal to a global audience and a broad demographic with a mix of expert industry opinion, technology, research, inspiring achievements and relevant legislation.

All events will be hosted online at the impressive new venue and co-located alongside the already highly successful Printing Expo virtual exhibition.

Organiser Kevin Gambrill said, “We needed to lead by example with our events and spent a long time looking for the right online exhibition and conference platform, one that offered the best visitor experience. It just so happened that the one we chose V-Ex was already developing the Sustainability Event Park, a venue designed specifically to host our type of event!

“It also made a big difference that over 1 million visits had been made to similar events on this platform already, and the people that ran the company had a similar philosophy to our own. The V-Ex Sustainability Event Park aligns closely with our core philosophy and with many of our partners, sponsors and exhibitors. We want to do business, but in a responsible way.

“Reaching out to an established global audience with a really interesting virtual exhibition area and some fantastic speakers at each event, we‘re confident that the entire experience will not only be highly engaging and enjoyable, but genuinely sustainable.”

Gabriella Wright, SPN Event Manager at V-Ex adds, “It’s really exciting to help deliver this event as the subject is so vitally important. V-Ex has worked extremely hard on our sustainability credentials, our servers are carbon neutral and even our new HQ building generates more electricity through solar power than it uses, which means our film studios and 3D production facility is effectively carbon negative.”

Visitors wishing to attend the first conference themed around a Circular Economy, and visit the 3D virtual exhibitor stands can register now via any mainstream web browser, offering the same convenience of use as visiting the events, which will be run exclusively online for 2022.

With conference speakers and exhibitors confirmed already, the venue is filling up fast, so prospective presenters, exhibitors and sponsors are also advised to get in contact soon to take advantage of the available opportunities to connect with this vibrant (and growing) SPN community of over 36,000 sustainable packaging professionals.

Right now, we’re offering our readers the chance to get a sneak peek at this incredible venue.

Fill-in the form here to register your interest as a visitor, exhibitor, or a contributor.

Sustainable Packaging News Exhibition, Conference & Awards:

SPN aims to provide our audience with indispensable, up-to-date information on all aspects of sustainable packaging, incorporating; circular economy, recyclability, resource efficiency, biodegradable packaging and machinery which encourages sustainability.  We cover the very latest sustainable packaging innovations. 

The publication and events align closely with our vision and mission.

Vision: A sustainable existence is humanity’s main long-term challenge, and the sooner we achieve it the more of our beautiful planet will survive with us. Also, the quality of life for both current and future generations will also drastically improve. Hence, we are committed to working toward this goal, a sustainable future here on spaceship earth.

Mission: Our mission is to promote and enable sustainability both within the packaging sector and the wider environment. We will do this by seeking-out companies, technology and people that share our drive, vision and ideals. We’ll then provide them with low-environmental impact events and communication channels to share and promote their ideas and knowledge.

Written by Kevin Gambrill

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