Turn over a Blue Leaf

We all know the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same
things over and over again, expecting, or even hoping for a different
result and there is no other industry that demonstrates that better
than Managed Print.
Although everyone knows laser technology is expensive and
damaging to the environment, sellers keep selling and buyers keep
But times are changing, technology is changing and customers are
changing, and it’s time the industry changed as well.
At Blue Leaf we are leading that change, providing customers with a
better solution; better for their business, better for their budget and
better for the environment.
Sustainability doesn’t cost the earth, doing nothing however does
and so its time to turn over a blue leaf.

Blue Leaf MPS is a service experience where customers, no
matter how large or small, whether one location or many, can
enjoy high-quality documents from an optimised infrastructure
with little headache, hassle or downtime.
You only know what you know, it’s what you don’t know that you
need to know and so we set out to provide you with solutions
you didn’t know existed, thinking way outside the box and
providing future proof solutions that exceed expectation and
which provide advanced, state of the art hardware, automated
consumables and on-site service using manufacturers own

Why inkjet:

Making a huge difference to your business carbon footprint
Uses up to 96% Less Power
Uses up to 98% Less Packaging than all other printers
Reduces CO2 by up to 94% than lasers copiers

Written by Kevin Gambrill