PulPac, Better All Round and PA consulting form strategic partnership to launch new sustainable circular economy formed fibre products at scale

The partnership leverages the innovative formed fibre packaging technology developed by PulPac, Better All Round’s converting knowhow and access to the UK’s leading retailers and PA’s expertise as the exclusive global development partner for this technology.

The partnership helps Better All Round deliver on its circular economy and zero waste ambitions. Waste from its paper converting subsidiary, Consuma Paper Products, will be used in the manufacture of new-to-world dry moulded fiber packaging which has been invented and patented by PulPac. The fibre-forming technology helps create a new and competitive standard in sustainable packaging. The pioneering technology is designed for the circular economy and uses affordable, globally available, renewable cellulose fibres to produce high-performance, fibre-based packaging and single-use products with highly competitive unit economics. Saving significant amounts of valuable water resources and energy; a dry-moulded fiber product can have up to 80% lower CO2 footprint compared to alternatives.

Oday Abbosh, founder of Better All Round explains, “Our vision is to become The Sustainable Paper Company. Playing our part in the circular economy is at the heart of that vision, so we’re really excited to be leading the way in adding such ground-breaking innovation to our manufacturing capabilities this year.”

Linus Larsson, Chief Executive Officer at PulPac comments, “We are delighted to welcome Better All Round Ltd, as a PulPac licensee. With extensive relationships with UK retailers, they provide unrivalled access to the UK market. We are excited about the collaboration and being a force for sustainable change in the packaging industry and accelerate the transition away from single-use plastics.”

Wil Schoenmakers, Global Head of Consumer, Retail and Manufacturing at PA adds, “Our partnership with PulPac and Better All Round allows us to accelerate our ability to offer brands and retailers end-to-end design services, equipment-build and fully-fledged production services to support them on their journey to reduce single-use plastics. With consumers increasingly expecting brands and retailers to make tangible sustainability changes, and with mounting regulatory and EPR pressure, dry moulded fiber technology offers our clients a functional, scalable and affordable solution.”

The partnership will support all FMCG and retail businesses in pursuing their sustainability ambitions, focusing on eliminating single-use plastic from their environmental footprint, building on the ten-year relationship enjoyed between PA Consulting and Better All Round. The new range of formed fibre products will be manufactured at Better All Round’s site in Lincolnshire and will commence in the Autumn of 2022.

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Written by Dominy Jones