Stoelzle Glass Group and Technicaps have launched LE PERPETUEL, a new generation ofrefillable jar during the Paris Packaging Week 2022

• Stoelzle and Technicaps created a simple and intuitive assembly system for the new refillable jar
• The Perpetual is entirely recyclable. The weight of the glass jar has been reduced to minimise
CO2 emissions. The cup is 100% PP and therefore 100% recyclable.

Attendees of Paris Packaging week received first glimpse of a brand new, refillable cosmetic jar, presented by Stoelzle Glass Group and Technicaps. Highly technical, yet simple to use the “Le Perpétuel” jar was designed with a special focus on sustainability. This innovative product is marketed exclusively by the two companies.

Stoelzle and Technicaps created a simple and intuitive assembly system to make the refillable jar easy to use. The cap is effortlessly removable and replaceable, while remaining very secure over time and after multiple uses. For Stoelzle, the challenge was to realize an enhanced standard ring integrating three notches with diameter variations and a groove. Stoelzle modified the dimensions of the Classic 50ml glass jar, so that the cup may seamlessly mould into the glass jar.

• Upgrade of the opening area to allow for better positioning of the cup notches.
• Enhanced retention preventing the plastic cup from loosening apart from glass jar
• Introducing a stop zone, which allows the end of the cup’s stroke and blocking.

The three notches assure an easy attachment and removal of the cup’s lid, while the amplitude has been calculated to avoid constraining the wrist when refilling the cup. The elevated height of the jar allows for a better grip. The intentional design ensures that when unscrewing the lid, the plastic cup remains in the glass jar.

To reduce CO2 emissions the weight has been reduced as much as possible. In 2023, Stoelzle plans to produce the jar with at least 15% PCR without altering the colour of the glass. Technicaps designed a cup that was easy to handle and luxurious, while guaranteeing the functionalities of sealing and heat-sealing. The cup is 100% PP and therefore 100% recyclable. The recyclable cover allows for usage for at least the equivalent of four product lives.

The ”Le Perpetuel” jar is entirely recyclable. After the second refill, the customer will have compensated for the C02 emissions emitted during the production of the glass and its cup. The Stoelzle and Technicaps development and production teams are proud to offer this new refillable and intuitive cosmetic packaging.

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Written by Dominy Jones