Springpack’s top six options for eco-friendly packaging

If eco-friendly packaging is high on your list of priorities, Springpack can help! Products could not be shipped safely without packaging, but it is important that the packaging products you use protect the environment, too. Springpack make this possible with a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions to choose from.

Here are their top 6 eco-friendly packaging options

Simply Eco Bubblewrap

Bubblewrap – is the most popular of all the protective packaging solutions out there. However, companies are now more concerned about their environmental footprint, and Springpack’s range of Simply Eco Bubblewrap offers an eco-friendly option. What’s more, as it’s manufactured from a minimum of 30% recycled materials, it’s exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax. Every roll of Bubblewrap that you buy from Springpack is made with a minimum of 30% recycled material. Therefore you can have the same protection, and be more eco-friendly.

Blue Ocean Eco Film

Exclusive to Springpack, their Blue Ocean Eco Film is made from 100% recycled film. This makes it their most eco-friendly range of air cushions yet. In fact, due to the various cell shape and size options, this product is a great alternative to bubblewrap. Blue Ocean Eco Film is inflated on demand too. This means storage space is dramatically reduced compared to bubblewrap. When you purchase the Blue Ocean Eco Film rolls from Springpack, they even supply the machine to inflate the rolls free of charge! Additionally, due to being made from 100% recycled materials, they are exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax.

Paper Twist-Fil

If you are looking for an eco-friendly void fill, then Paper Twist-Fil could be the solution! One advantage of this product is they have been designed to interlock. This is a great alternative to standard Loosefill and it’s a lot more eco-friendly too. The Paper Twist-Fil comes in a bag with a volume of 15 cubic feet, and there are approx. 2,600 qty twist-fills per bag.

Paper Bubblewrap or Globular Embossed Paper

The ultimate eco alternative to standard bubblewrap. Paper Bubblewrap is 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper. It does not have any air pockets like standard bubblewrap, so can be re-used. This will help you save money, and the environment! In addition to void filling, this product can be used for wrapping items too. An important consideration is that per roll of Paper Bubblewrap you get 150m/roll. This is lots more than the standard 50m or 100m on a roll of conventional bubblewrap. Therefore, this will take up less storage space overall. If you are looking to save space and the environment, look no further!

Springpack Eco Xtrastretch Hand Pallet Wrap

Exclusive to Springpack! Simply Eco Xtrastretch Pallet Wrap is manufactured with 30% recycled content. This is our most eco-friendly pallet wrap to date and is exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax. The Simply Eco Xtrastretch Pallet Wrap is 500M in length, and 400mm wide. The wrap comes with an extended core for ease of use, and is sold in boxes of six. With 67% more film per roll than a standard 300m roll, this means less down time changing rolls too. In fact, 44 rolls of Simply Eco Xtrastretch Pallet Wrap equate to 240 rolls of standard wrap. This film is made of a unique blend of materials that has been designed to give strong puncture resistance. For more information, please click here to read Springpack’s blog on Xtrastretch.

Simply Eco Machine Film

Simply Eco by Springpack Machine Film is manufactured with 30% recycled content. Therefore, this means it is exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax. This product is sold in kilos, and there are 16kg per roll. The roll is 500mm wide. The film offers excellent performance, while being kinder to the environment.

If you’d like further information on the Eco Friendly Product Protection on offer at Springpack, get in touch with them today. You can reach them by calling 01905 457000 or by emailing enquiries@springpack.co.uk. Don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel too!

Written by Dominy Jones