SPN are very excited to invite you to watch our latest global conference on recyclability!

Featuring a range of world class speakers, we hope you find this video informative. Special thanks to Dow and Kurz for sponsoring this conference.

In this conference:

  • Marnix Van Bockhaven co-founder of Etheclo, speaks about a sustainable packaging solution.
  • Ken Adams talks ReCover packaging.
  • Winifried Muehling from ProCarton discusses the 4evergreen circularity by design guideline with other packaging experts within the industry.
  • Josh Remi from Ecoveritas gives a summary of the future of UK packaging policy.
  • Christophe Dujardin and Christian Döllner speak about the sustainability actions within the company KURZ.
  • Emma Wilkinson from Comply Direct gives an update on EPR for packaging.
  • Silvia D’Alesio, expert in packaging innovation and design – speaks about sustainability and how to brand responsible packaging.
  • Chakravarthi AVPS from the World Packaging Organisation discusses the reality of single use plastics.

Click here to watch on youtube

Written by Dom Thorby