Flexible and sustainable packaging solutions for complex challenges

R.WEISS Packaging GmbH & Co. KG FACHPACK 2022, hall 3C – booth 111

The UNIROB technology exhibited by R.WEISS provides an insight into an impressive portfolio of high-performance and innovative packaging solutions. Based on a modular design in combination with intelligent control technology and simple mechanics, R.WEISS develops absolutely efficient and highly flexible packaging systems that solve even highly complex challenges. In doing so, the company covers the complete end-of-line packaging process.

At Fachpack, R.WEISS will show an innovative intermixing system. With the help of this UNIROB toploading system, different varieties or flavours of a product are individually configured according to a predefined, or individually adaptable, customer-specific mixing ratio and grouped into the point-of-sales cartons by robots using the top-loading process. The turnkey packaging system thereby creates maximum efficiency in logistical processes, as the transport and sales packaging retains its perfect condition through careful handling in the packaging process and can be reused for the point-of-sale.

The material resources used are reused through a sophisticated packaging process which is not only sustainable, but the sub-mixed cartons require less space on the sales shelf in contrast to single variety product placement, thus bringing significant cost saving potentials. The products are fed to the UNIROB system on several infeed conveyors sorted by type and grouped by the R.WEISS Deltarobots into corresponding format-based sortations. Subsequently, the product formations are inserted into the original carton by a six-axis robot. After filling, the carton is fed to the robot-based lidding module, which places the reused lids. The mixed cartons are then placed back onto Euro pallets by a UNIROB palletizer.

Ultraflexible vehicle systems from modular components – FTS Omnidirectional

The company Bleichert complements the portfolio with an automatically guided transport system with an omnidirectional operation mode. The free navigation allows the driving in smaller rooms which is made possible by the ability to adjust the wheels in all directions. It is able to transport 2.000 kg, whereby it can be combined with a materials handling like a roller conveyer. Furthermore, there is a possibility for customized applications, in which other navigation options and energy options are available. The vehicle can cover a distance of 1,5 meters per second and has a position accuracy of 10± mm.

R.WEISS Packaging GmbH & Co. KG, Zur Flügelau 28/30, 74564 Crailsheim, Germany, www.r-weiss.de

Written by Dominy Jones

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