Rovema Family Continues to Grow

With the acquisitions of inno-tech and Prins Verpakkingstechniek und Engineering (short: Prins) on March 01, Rovema strengthens its expertise in stainless steel machinery and new applications and can address new customer groups.

In addition, Rovema not only gains well-trained specialists, but also additional production space in the immediate vicinity of the main production site in Fernwald. All employees at the sites in Reiskirchen (DE) and Veenendaal (NL) will be taken into the Rovema group.

inno-tech, based in Reiskirchen, Germany, specializes in stainless steel vertical packaging machines for the food industry and technical applications, with Europe as the main market at present . The special focus on frozen food and the production of large pack sizes, e.g. for spices and pet food, makes inno-tech a suitable addition to the Rovema product portfolio.

In close cooperation with the experienced inno-tech managing director Sebastian Klein, these strengths will also be further expanded in the Rovema network. Klein comments:

“The takeover by Rovema and the associated entry into the Haniel Group is a great opportunity for inno-tech to continue growing internationally and offers us more security for the future and an even more long-term orientation.”

The production area in Reiskirchen will be used specifically for the manufacture and assembly of stainless steel machines. This enables an optimization of production techniques in the immediate vicinity of the Rovema headquarters in Fernwald.

With the acquisition of Prins by Rovema Benelux, Rovema achieves full market penetration in this sales area. Under the leadership of Rovema Benelux Managing Director Christel Geerts, the core business will be complemented with a special focus on sales and service competence.

Rovema Managing Director Jens Torkel: “With inno-tech and Prins we can further strengthen our sales and service competence. The know-how of inno-tech in the field of stainless steel machines will support us in our further development, as well as in new markets. The expansion of our portfolio, the additional production area and the well-trained specialists are an important factor for our further growth.”

Also, sustainable competence is crucial for long-term business success. For manufacturers of packaging machinery, the increased consumer interest in sustainable packaging solutions offers great opportunities for differentiation. Completely new packaging concepts and the development of new market segments are possible. Vertical packaging in particular offers a variety of approaches to saving resources, such as packaging materials, says Torkel: “Resource-efficient food packaging depends to a large extent on the competence of employees. Opportunities must be recognized in good time and implemented technically. That’s why we’re looking forward to combining our competencies with inno-tech and Prins and further expanding our network in this way.” Rovema can already close loops and look after machines for many decades. It is also possible to take back used machines, refurbish them and sell them again.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill