Rory The Eco Friendly Boy: UK Couple Pen Children’s Book Highlighting Rampant “Plastic Problem”

Amy and James Gibbons’ ‘Rory the Eco Friendly Boy – A Plastic Problem’ is a fun and empowering children’s book following the adventures of a young boy concerned about the litter problem in his local area. While of course chock-full of discovery and excitement, the book also helps children recognize the current pollution crisis facing the world, while inspiring them to do their part to remain eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.

As a couple who promote and live an eco-friendly lifestyle, Amy and James Gibbons struggled to find books that help their children understand the climate crisis facing the world, and explore ways to live responsibly.

When lockdown came into full force, and with more time on their hands, the duo decided to craft their own book – to get the message across with gusto.

And so ‘Rory the Eco Friendly Boy – A Plastic Problem’ was born.


A Children’s book that follows a day in the life of a little boy who likes to be outside playing but has become concerned about litter across the countryside, plus the impact that it is having with the local wildlife.

The book looks into the Plastic Problem and also looks into becoming more Eco Friendly and shopping in a more sustainable way.

“We need to do something to save the environment – and fast,” explains James. “It falls on today’s children to be educated about the problem and motivated enough to help solve it. Afterall, they are the warriors of the future who will have the means and power to shape policy, live responsibly and ensure our planet and ecosystems survive.”

Continuing, “Amy and I are so proud to be doing our bit with this book. We also keep an active blog to promote eco-friendliness, and we sell a number of carefully curated eco-friendly items alongside the book. The book itself is printed on 100% recycled paper and delivered in Eco Friendly recycled packaging. We can live sustainably. We’ll show you how.”

‘Rory the Eco Friendly Boy – A Plastic Problem’ is available now.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill