Revolutionising the future of e-commerce mailers

Lettershop, part of the YM Group, in conjunction with Henkel, have designed a recyclable padded envelope – the TLG ECOMLR.

The padded envelope can go straight into UK domestic paper recycling yet is durable enough to ensure goods are delivered safely to their end consumer. This is in response to consumer pressure to reduce plastic waste and reduce businesses’ impact on the environment.

The ECOMLR, powered by Henkel’s patented EPIX® Technology, provides an e-commerce packaging solution which is light weight, recyclable and impact resistant, creating paper recyclable goods made for today’s consumer needs.

EPIX® Technology is a portfolio of materials and chemistries that enhance paper products and amongst other functionalities like thermal insulation and barrier protection, helps to create an alternative to single use convenience items.

The demand for more sustainable alternatives necessitated development of technologies designed for paper recycling programs in consumable products and packaging. Henkel`s EPIX® technology was employed in a collaboration with a major e-commerce business to develop a single-stream, paper recyclable package to revolutionise the US packaging market.

As the only UK manufacturer of the ECOMLR, Lettershop have the capacity and technology to produce high volumes quickly. All production takes place in their Leeds facility enabling it to satisfy demand from the booming ecommerce market.

To maximise consumer engagement and improve brand awareness, the ECOMLR can be printed with personalised messages and third party advertising. This provides an opportunity for ecommerce companies to drive additional revenues.

Steve Holme, Packaging Development Manager, commented, “Lettershop have always led the charge to improve the environment, either with more efficient production or devising alternatives to plastic products such as the Paperwrap. Now, we’ve broken the mould again and created a recyclable padded envelope. Imagine how much plastic waste that will reduce when everyone is using it.”

TLG is committed to sustainability and manufacturing products that can add value to their client’s processes.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill