ReStalk, Inc. Taps Paul Foulkes-Arellano As Strategic Advisor

ReStalk, a company which implements regenerative solutions by transforming agricultural waste into valuable products, has announced circular packaging veteran Paul Foulkes-Arellano as its latest addition to their Board of Advisors.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Paul, his deep knowledge of circularity, industry, and dedication to replacing harmful materials with regenerative ones speaks directly to why we exist. It’s the culmination of a very natural fit,” said Co-Founder Lucas Hildebrand.

The company is in the process of piloting its materials with multiple household European brands who’ve welcomed a regenerative solution to begin replacing their plastic and virgin materials. These include trials and piloting for tree-free based packaging, adhesives, non-woven textiles, and automotive applications. “I’ve been advocating non-tree fiber as an optimal solution for many years, educated and inspired by UK retailers and brands. When the opportunity arose to work directly with ReStalk on their European expansion, I was thrilled to join their Board of Advisors. ReStalk brings a unique set of skills to brands which are looking to move beyond basic material substitution.”

The EU ‘Plastic Waste Tax’ represents a significant shift away from plastic-based materials. “We’re excited to provide a circular foundation for organizations as they move away from fossil-fuel reliant materials. ReStalk is committed to supporting the United Nations’ SDG 2030 Agenda by offering scalable solutions which are ready now,” said CEO Benjamin Cassou.

Written by Dominy Jones