Resino delivers a compostable varnish replacing plastic coating

To support activities that help reduce plastic consumption, Resino offers a protective varnish that can be used on paper and board materials. The varnish is also compostable and therefore enables packaging to be recycled.

Using board or paper instead of plastic is a challenge that many companies experience, because board and paper do not offer the same protective functions as plastic does.

However, more sustainable solutions are still demanded both from companies and consumers due to the increased environmental concerns. Therefore, companies both seek solutions to decrease the plastic consumption, thus choosing board and paper packaging as alternatives, as well as solutions supporting biodegradability.

Compostable varnish for paper and board packaging

Resino has in close cooperation with customers developed a varnish of water-based material that can be used as a barrier on substrates preventing the substrate to be damaged by water and grease.

In addition, the varnish of water-based material is compostable. Traditionally, PE coating is used on board and paper materials, but when waste consists of several materials the opportunity of recycling is damaged. Therefore, our compostable varnish enables the packaging to be recycled.

This varnish is specially developed to be used for foodstuff applications on coated and uncoated board, paper, and most packaging films. Thus, the varnish is suitable for both direct and indirect food contact. Furthermore, the varnish has optimal flow properties, good gloss and colour strength and provides exceptional water resistance.

You can read more about our compostable, water-based varnish here.

Tailored ink and varnish solutions and safety beyond requirements

We create value through tailored ink solutions which require a close partnership with customers. The multitude of substrates, many different printing presses utilized and different printing environments throughout the world makes it impossible to have one ink which fits all conditions and purposes. We take pride in perseverant activity until our customer has a satisfactory solution.

As part of Resino’s mission, we prioritize higher consumer safety beyond standard requirements through our innovative ink solutions. Using our inks, our customers will always stay safe. To assure credibility of our information, we work with independent institutes validating our compliance.

Meet Resino at Fachpack

From September 27 to 29, we exhibit at Fachpack in Germany which is a trade fair for packaging, technology, and processing.

At stand 7A-706 in hall 7A, we will for example focus on our inks and varnishes for direct / indirect food contact materials. We are excited to present our compostable varnish that can replace plastic coating on paper and board packaging.

Resino ships products worldwide. We have local sales and technical support personnel available to serve customers anywhere.

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Written by Dominy Jones