Super Film introduce new PCR content peelable/sealable lidding grade BT 7011 R2C.

PET is generally one of the easiest products to recycle.  While all PET is fully recyclable, RPET has the extra benefit of being made with recyclable material.  RPET tray is not only predominately made from recycled material, but it uses less energy to make an RPET tray than it does to make a virgin PET tray.

We now able to serve RPET lidding film to serve a 100% RPET lidding structure including both tray and top film.

RPET lidding film is a rigid film made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate; as a result, the film has appropriate physical and mechanical properties and meets the hygiene requirements applicable to films intended for use in food packaging.

BT 7011 R2C is low haze peelable antifog lidding film. One side has smooth peel and excellent antifog property. Other side is chemically treated.

This film is especially developed to reduce carbon footprint and GHG emission and consists of 50% Post-Consumer Recycled PET. PCR content of the film is manufactured by chemical depolymerization. It has antifogging property on peelable surface for fresh fruits and vegetable packaging where high visibility in cold environment is needed. The film retains its transparency by spreading the condensed water droplets into a continuous and uniform water layer and the packed foods stays clearly visible. It also protects the packed food against deterioration caused by droplets of water

Written by Kevin Gambrill