What happens when the biggest players of Technology accept the sustainability challenge?

The technological partnership for innovation that revolutionizes the Recyclable PE world is born.

At K 2019 ELBA presented its “Recyclable PE Pouches”, through the long plastic value chain that starts from the raw material and gets to the finished product.

ELBA supports the European strategy for Plastics

It is incontestable that plastic represents a precious and useful material for our life and economy, you only have to think about how much it has lightened objects and packaging, by consequently reducing CO2 emissions that derive from their transport and, moreover, think about how plastic packaging ensure food safety and reduce food waste, and about how some biocompatible plastics allow applications that, in the medical field, save human lives every day.

The way plastics are produced, used and discarded is clearly calling for our attention, so that the economic benefits that derive from the use of polymers can be supported by a circular approach that protects human and environmental health.

The role of Industry in the lifecycle of Plastic

All the subjects involved in the production,manufacturing, use and disposal of plastic are required to rethink, experiment and implement innovative solutions that combine performances with sustainability, in line with the objectives pursued by the EU industrial policy that, as everybody knows, has already declared its commitment to ensure that all plastic packaging is recyclable by 2030 [Commission Work Programme 2018, COM (2017) 650].

This request lays the foundations to a new plastics economy, where the design and production of plastics and plastic products, fully respect reuse, repair and recycling needs, dictated by a will to sustainability.

International collaboration

This is a worldwide change and, for this reason, all the players are required to share a single international project and, in order to succeed, action from all players in the plastic value chain is needed to turn challenges into opportunities.

In accordance with this criterion, ELBA has become part of the value chain, together with big partners that believe in this project and work towards the same direction.

An agreement among the most known players

According to ELBA, sustainability is a multiple step journey, a relay in which the athletes share the same objectives and methods. The choice of the main partners of the industrial process represents the first step of a strategy with the aim of using the best resources and technologies in the world.

Starting from the production of recyclable polymers of DOW, to their extrusion with the advanced green technology of HOSOKAWA-ALPINE and BRÜCKNER, passing through the innovative techniques of vacuum metallization, coating, printing and lamination on special materials produced by BOBST, you get to the important contribution of ELBA that designs and manufactures machines for the treatment of the PE-based pouches that are designed for recyclability.

This is the challenge that ELBA has decided to face, together with its international partners, by proposing on the market a product that takes packing technology to the highest level, not only thanks to its sustainability.

New Recyclable PE Pouches

Nowadays, thanks to ELBA SA-V machine technology, it is possible to produce recyclable PE stand-up pouches, with materials that allow laminating and printing up to 9 colors. This way, ELBA gives its contribution to offer a high performing product that is, moreover, sustainable.

SA-V: a polyvalent machine

SA-V is a versatile machine, that is perfectly suitable to satisfy the needs of a constantly changing market, partly thanks to the possibility of updating the existing structure with new options.

The SA-V can run with all laminated or co-extruded materials with PP or PE sealing base, both printed and unprinted, granting high performances and high sealing strength; it is available in four useful sealing widths (650 mm – 25’, 950 mm – 37’, 1250 mm – 49’ and 1550 mm – 61’).

ELBA pays a lot of attention to the aspect of energy saving: it engineered the SA-V machine with dedicated components that allow the customers to recover the kinetic energy.

Written by Philip Yorke

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