Promateris Awarded a Grant for the Production of Biodegradable and Compostable Raw Materials

Promateris has initiated an investment project of a new division, Bio Compounds, which aims to locally manufacture raw materials from partially renewable resources, used in the production of compostable packaging. Thus, Promateris consolidates its position as a regional player, building the leading integrated bio-based production capacity in Central and Eastern Europe.

The investment is part of the “Bio-based circular solutions to decarbonize the local economy” project and has a value of over 1.65 million euros. The project is supported by a grant of EUR 744.000 provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, within the “SMEs Growth Romania” program. The project is developed in partnership with the Norwegian company BioBag. This is the second grant received by Promateris within this financing scheme as in 2019 the company was awarded an EUR 950.000 grant for developing bio-based packaging.

The new Bio Compounds division will start the production of BioMateris in 2022, a raw material used in the production of compostable packaging. Since Romania is one of the key producers of agricultural outputs within the European Union, Promateris aims to encourage and participate in the development of a strong local bioeconomy and an efficient use of natural resouces.

Moreover, the integration of local agricultural chains enables manufacturers of bio-based and compostable packaging to reduce their carbon footprint and to create a stronger local circular economy. Promateris encourages sustainable agricultural and waste management practices, such as the composting of bio-waste, which promotes territorial regeneration and soil quality improvements.

BioMateris is the result of continuous investments in the company’s R&D department, as well as the result of several partnerships with research institutes. BioMateris will be used to develop products for the following industries: agriculture (mulch film), retail and HoReCa (food packaging), bio-waste management (bin liners) etc.

Promateris has more than 50 years of tradition in the manufacturing of technical & specialty polymer-based compounds, an experience that will strongly benefit the development of this new division.

We will be able to bring at the forefront of our activity the experience of our highly specialized technicians and engineers in order to manufacture state of the art biopolymers. Moreover, through this project we aim to have a positive impact on the local bioeconomy and an integrated value chain, while promoting sustainable agricultural best practices. This way, we will support the export of high value-added products, and contribute to the economical development of Romania while also offering competitive advantages to local and regional manufacturers, says Tudor Georgescu, CEO of Promateris.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill