Pregis joined by NOVA Chemicals to support clean water initiative

Pregis, a leading manufacturer of protective packaging, is has been joined by NOVA Chemicals Corporation (NOVA Chemicals) in its efforts to support the Uzima Clean Water Mission. The Atlanta-based charity manufactures and donates water filters to help vulnerable, at-risk populations around the world gain access to clean water.

To support the clean water mission, NOVA Chemicals is donating film resins to Pregis for the production of its Inspyre brand line of colorful hybrid-cushioning protective packaging. A portion of the proceeds from Inspyre packaging sales are donated to the Uzima Clean Water Mission.

“The resins provided by NOVA Chemicals will enable to Pregis to provide greater financial support to Uzima. The partnership with NOVA Chemicals enables Pregis to offer packaging engineers and brand owners the best of both worlds. NOVA Chemicals’ resins enable us to exceed customer expectations for packaging performance while giving all of us an opportunity to serve a worthy and genuinely life-saving cause,” said Kevin Baudhuin, president and chief executive officer, Pregis.

The Inspyre brand includes low-density polyethylene hybrid cushioning (HC) packaging film, stocked in water blue and available in other colors. In addition to helping brand owners enhance their unboxing experience, companies support charitable efforts through their protective packaging material choice. (Learn more about Pregis’ Giving Back program.)

“Access to clean water is something many of us take for granted. We are pleased to join Pregis in providing our materials to help Uzima safely deliver water filters to communities that need them most,” said Luis Sierra, CEO, NOVA Chemicals.

Pregis’ Inspyre line was initially launched in 2018. Since that time, proceeds from Inspyre product line sales have enabled access to clean water for more than 100,000 people. With NOVA Chemicals’ collaboration and an expanding Inspyre portfolio, this amplifies the impact and reach. 

“We are so grateful for companies like Pregis and NOVA Chemicals that support our mission,” said Bill Coble, president and CEO, Uzima. “Every contribution helps us remedy one of the greatest challenges facing vulnerable communities across Africa and the globe. Nobody deserves to drink dirty water, and we won’t stop until clean water is a reality for everyone.”

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Written by Kevin Gambrill