PP based films: towards an even more complete recyclability

Available the new Termoplast range of films suitable for mono-material recyclable structures in PP stream

After having consolidated the path of recyclability by making available to the market very high performance solutions for mono-material structures based on PE, here is another point scored by Termoplast which now offers new solutions that allow the creation of mono-material recyclable structures based on PP.

The new family of PP-based films, with and without EVOH barrier, made by blown coextrusion technology are now offering multiple possibilities for the production of polypropylene-based polymer matrix packaging, both for doypacks and stand-up pouches applications, but mainly for lidding on PP trays.

These new films, which can be laminated with conventional OPP and BOPP, offer multiple solutions if used as a top lid on several kind of PP trays; in fact available in sealable, peelable, antifog, peelable/antifog at the same time, low-sealing and also sterilizable, now fill the gap created by those solutions that previously contained also encapsulated nylon and therefore “not fully recyclable”.

The new films, already tested under the most various packaging conditions, are now available in order to offer the market a new path towards an increasingly optimal recyclability and an increasingly circular and sustainable economy.

For more information go to www.termoplast.it

Written by Kevin Gambrill

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