Plastic Ban Creates New Opportunities for Packaging – How to Succeed in a Blue Ocean Market

As China announced a new ban on single-use plastics, non-degradable plastic products are being phased out, unleashing huge market potential for substitutes. How can suppliers respond to the new situation by sustaining performance in existing areas while expanding into new market spaces?

Market Players Across the Degradable Plastics Industry Poised to Take Off

Companies see a tight supply of degradable plastics in the short term, which has inevitably driven up the price. However, encouraged by high demand and profit, many companies are proactively preparing, with major players in this sector seizing the opportunity to expand their productive capacity. In the meantime, preparations by downstream companies are in full swing, with many in the plastic modification and processing industries seeking materials for testing. In terms of end products, it is speculated that plenty of new companies producing degradable plastics will emerge in the next few years, driven by government policies.

Paper Industry Gaining Momentum with Increased Packaging Market Share

Given the relatively high prices and limited productive capacity of biodegradable plastics, the plastic ban contributes to a new trend of replacing plastic with paper. Comparatively speaking, China’s paper products are in sufficient supply and have an excellent level of quality so as to substitute for plastics under the plastic ban. In particular, white card stock has become a market favorite, being widely used in high-end gift boxes, packaging for cosmetics, cigarettes, beverages and fast food, paper cups, paper noodle bowls, and paper straws, etc.

Faced with this transformation, companies in various sectors are trying to seize the moment. Notably, paper products and degradable plastics have become the most highly demanded substitutes, seeing explosive growth. It is not rare to see scrambles for supplies or increase in price or capacity in these industries. Even though white card stock and degradable plastics both have their own advantages in terms of price and performance, they also have their own limits. Neither of them can replace plastic completely, therefore they are unlikely to take over the entire plastics market.

swop 2021 Helps You Win in Blue Oceans under the Plastic Ban

As an innovative platform for the packaging industry, swop is committed to creating an effective and efficient supply and demand network for industry participants. This year, with a focus on recyclable, degradable, and reduced packaging, swop introduced the new “Green Power Zone”. In addition, swop will present you several established brands and new products in plastic machinery, catering to the sourcing needs across the whole packaging production chain and facilitating company success in the blue ocean market.

Green Power Zone –
Recyclable, Degradable, and Reduced Packaging

Packaging for various purposes is all becoming smart, green, and recyclable. swop 2021 features the Green Power Zone, aiming to promote the innovative development of the plastic packaging industry in China and highlight the diversity of products:

  • Bio-based biodegradable plastics : polylactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), starch plastics, bio-engineered plastics, bio-generic plastics (polyolefins and polyvinyl chloride)
  • Petrochemical-based biodegradable plastics : polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), starch-based plastics, bio-engineered plastics, bio-generic plastics (polyolefins and polyvinyl chloride)
  • Degradable products : disposable meal boxes, drinking cups, cutlery, shopping bags, bubble cushioning wrap, air column cushioning wrap, etc.
  • Green degradable equipment: bag making machines, film blowing machines, injection molding machines, meal box set making machines, paper pulp molding machines, etc.
  • Packaging green treatment equipment/systems

A Gathering of Big Names in Plastic Machinery

Plastic machinery is seen as the engine for the industry. A number of plastic machinery companies are expanding into the packaging domain, including medical packaging, sterilization containers, pump head, etc. Thanks to China’s effective measures to control COVID-19, production is going smoothly. As a result, orders keep coming in from around the world, bringing a round of new opportunities for Chinese plastic machinery companies. A large number of big names in plastic packaging machinery such as Haitian, HIWIN, KAWATA, ENGEL, TOTANI, and Yangsen have displayed a selection of their products at swop.

Meanwhile, the Packaging Material/Container Production & Flexible Packaging Zone will continue in Hall N1 in swop 2021. Companies including Demag, Chen Hsong, Tederic, YE I, Yi Ke, Wei Shi Da, jwell, Liuzhou Jingye, TIDE, JASU, LEENY, Feida, Kesheng, and Jiade have already registered as exhibitors.

swop 2021 will cover a broad range of categories, including AI, smart factories, label printing, processing and packaging components, packaging materials and container manufacturing, e-commerce and logistical packaging, innovative packaging materials, package design, customized packaging, and lightweight packaging. It will offer innovative packaging solutions for the entire production chain and showcase smart processing and packaging production lines. Five special areas will display all hot spots of the packaging industry.

Early bird specials are now offered for booth reservation. For the latest swop news, please visit the website , we are on WeChat as well!

Written by Dom Thorby