WWP Beauty Launches Zero+ Turnkey Collection Featuring Plastic-Free, Plant-Based Packaging Line

An inclusive, gender-neutral collection of multi-tasking waterless products in packaging that promotes a more circular and sustainable future.    

WWP Beauty, a world-class, full-service supplier to the global beauty industry, has launched a new suite of turnkey products with formulations and packaging that each address trends within the beauty space. The new Zero+ Collection features formulations that are clean, inclusive and multi-tasking, with packaging that is made from natural, renewable ingredients that are responsibly sourced and created from the rebirth of farm waste.

Zero+ Packaging Line

This zero plastic, plant-based packaging line was developed with the mission of offering solutions that align with WWP Beauty’s “6R’s of Sustainability.” The Zero+ packaging collection closely represents Reduce, Replace, Respect and Rebirth because it is responsibly and locally sourced from farm waste which does not interrupt the food chain supply and reduces its overall carbon footprint of the material and final component. Ultimately, this packaging helps promote a circular economy, reducing waste and utilizing renewable resources.

“Now more than ever, we are seeing beauty consumers increasingly adopt streamlined beauty routines based on multifunctional products – born from the desire to buy more sustainably, while also simply saving time and money,” said Musa Dias, CMO of WWP Beauty. “The Zero+ Collection was developed based on the concept that less is truly more, and that creating zero waste is in turn creating positive value for both the end-user and the environment.”

All items in this collection are made with clean, compliant, vegan and cruelty-free formulas and sustainable packaging and accessory options. This collection demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to reducing its global carbon footprint, supporting a circular economy throughout the cosmetics industry and working towards creating a more sustainable, clean and inclusive future.

To learn more, visit our website at www.wwpbeauty.com.  

Written by Dominy Jones

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