Peachtree Packaging & Display Earns Certification from Sustainable Forestry Initiative

SFI Chain of Custody Certification Demonstrates Commitment to Forest Preservation

Peachtree Packaging & Display has earned a new certification highlighting its commitment to sustainability. Peachtree Packaging completed a rigorous review from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, earning a Chain of Custody certification for its corrugated packaging, display and box production. 

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to advance sustainability through forest-focused collaboration. SFI works with the forest sector, brand owners, conservation groups, resource professionals, landowners, educators, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, governments, and universities to promote sustainable forests. Peachtree Packaging began its certification process in May 2022 and completed it in June.

The SFI Chain-of-Custody Standard is an accounting system that tracks forest fiber from production and manufacturing to the end product. Applicants like Peachtree Packaging must demonstrate adherence to SFI standards across multiple departments. They include inventory control, employee training, reporting and invoicing to track raw materials from certified sources. In addition, recycled content must be tracked from production and manufacturing to the end product.

“As a manufacturer of corrugated products, Peachtree Packaging & Display has always prioritized sustainable business practices that demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship and has found that these efforts translate into financial success,” said Chad Wagner, CEO of Peachtree Packaging. “We are thrilled to add the SFI’s Chain of Custody certification to our efforts.” 

Peachtree Packaging is already part of an elite group of environmentally friendly businesses. According to the Corrugated Packaging Alliance, recycled corrugated box fibers are used seven times to make new boxes and other paper products. Also, more corrugated packaging is recovered for recycling than any other packaging material. 

In fact, Peachtree’s products are made from 70 to 100 percent recycled materials and the company recycles 100,000 square feet of scrap and trimmings daily. Also, Peachtree packaging works with Gwinnett County to ensure its wastewater is safe, taking monthly samples and paying a third-party environmental analytics company for screening. 

According to SFI, paper and cardboard packaging are the top choices for consumers due to their home compostability (69 percent), environmentally friendly design (66 percent) and recyclability (51 percent).

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Written by Dominy Jones

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