Dare to Paper & Break the habit!

Paper packaging is the ideal alternative to plastic packaging. Breaking old habits with eco-responsible paper packaging reflects your commitment to natural materials, new attitudes and new recycling opportunities.
Why switch to paper packaging? Paper is an ecoresponsible and renewable raw material. Opting for paper instead plastic means adopting natural packaging. This ecology-aware solution helps build the circular economy and a truly sustainable development policy. Less pollution and a cleaner
environment: that’s the promise of paper packaging. Because it comes from our forests, paper is a raw material that’s already won all the credentials it will ever need. Replacing plastic with paper is also about technology, product protection and quality.

Several major food market players have already switched to paper for their products. The 2020 trends for the packaging industry as well as for consumers are recyclable, eco-responsible packaging with reduced use of plastic packaging. With its expertise in paper packaging and coating, BBC CELLPACK Packaging is here to help its partners achieve their sustainable development goals.

The + by BBC CELLPACK Packaging? The company’s responsible sourcing and FSC-certified papers, plus the expertise and know-how it has acquired over the past 80 years, its plant-based materials & certified recyclable paper packaging are the essential assets it takes to develop quality paper packaging.

Its expertise in paper packaging coating technology also empowers the company to deliver the solutions adapted to the confectionery and cheese sectors. Whether it’s gummy sweets, lollipops, toffees, chewing gum, chocolates or soft cheeses, there’s a paper alternative for every product that meets the products’ non-adherence, malleability and high barrier protection criteria.
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CELLWax coated papers are made from sustainable materials and also meet the recyclability criteria specified by the EN 13430 standard.
The smart option?
The CELLWax range: FSC paper, plant-based wax and food-safe inks make the ideal combo for recyclable packaging that’s good for the environment, good for the customer and good for the consumer.

For more information about BBC CELLPACK Packaging: https://packaging.cellpack.com

Written by Kevin Gambrill