Pandemic creates resurgence in popularity of paper products

As a packaging supplier to the foodservice and takeaway industries, Celebration Packaging has always been material-neutral, believing that both plastic and paper solutions have their place – alongside the EnviroWare® range which contains products made from many different natural and sustainable materials.

“Plastic has been somewhat demonised in recent years, but sometimes presents the best solution for protecting food and extending shelf-life, therefore helping to reduce food waste,” says Celebration Packaging Managing Director Nick Burton. “We offer a consultative approach to ensure that operators choose the most appropriate packaging for their offering, taking every aspect into account, from food safety, practicality and presentation, through to end-of-life.

“The pandemic has heightened awareness around hygiene and safety and as a result, we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of paper products and individually wrapped items.”

When restaurants re-opened after lockdown last year, hygienic white card glass covers and single-use paper cutlery sleeves also became extremely important, reassuring customers that they were using clean, uncontaminated glasses and cutlery. Some restaurants actually resorted to using good quality disposable plastic cutlery to give their clients the most hygienic experience possible.

Celebration Packaging also supplies many different types of hygienic paper table-top items such as place mats and tray liners, and recently invested in new flow-wrapping machinery to hygienically and individually wrap its award-winning FSC® EnviroWare® paper cutlery, and Vegetarian Society approved FSC® paper straws.

“I’ve said many times that disposable food packaging is key to ensuring the operational efficiency of takeaways,” concludes Nick Burton. “Indeed, safe, secure and hygienic food packaging has played a key role throughout the Coronavirus crisis and will continue to do so for many months to come. Hygienically wrapping paper straws, paper cutlery and wooden cutlery reinforces a food outlet’s commitment to safety and hygiene and reassures consumers.”

Written by Dominy Jones