Standard sheets VDMA 8751 and VDMA 8752 revised

Packaging machines: Recording set-up and cleaning times and specifying energy consumption

VDMA 8751 deals with the specification and verification of energy and media consumption on packaging machines and related processing machines, VDMA 8752 deals with the recording of set-up and cleaning times for these machines. Both VDMA standard sheets have been editorially revised in the course of the transfer of DIN 8743 to the successor standard DIN EN 415-11: 2021-12.

Information on the content of the two VDMA standard sheets can be found in the following articles on the VDMA website:

VDMA 8751: Energy consumption of packaging systems

VDMA 8752: Recording of set-up and cleaning times

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Written by Dominy Jones