Our color is blue, but our packaging is green

Sustainability is one of the key elements of Baralan’s strategy. Safeguarding the health of the planet, Baralan protects with its packaging what the earth has donated to us: oils, essences, fragrances, water, perfumes. Baralan’s commitment is therefore constantly aimed at researching, studying and selecting sustainable materials that respect the conditions of recyclability and/or biodegradability. For Baralan it is important to always guarantee the functionality of the product, for the final consumer who is more environmentally conscious, but at the same time to renew by proposing increasingly green solutions.

Baralan has always used glass which is universally considered by consumers to be eco-friendly and can always be recycled, however the Group is increasingly moving towards the selection of biopolymers that derive from renewable resources and natural materials that are not linked to the food chain, therefore reducing enormously the ecological impact and consequently contributing to a less polluted ecosystem. A new material that combines the processing capabilities of thermoplastic materials with renewable resources. Thanks to the continuous research and development of the team, Baralan is now able to use biopolymer to produce standard, recyclable and/or biodegradable products, by using injection molding technology.

In creating a product, essential aspects for Baralan are the perfect combination between the respect of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and the design of the product itself, thus guaranteeing a continuous and sustainable product life cycle: from the choice to reduce the use of components and materials for their realization, to the possibility of reuse and the ease of recycling the product. Baralan constantly works to develop a type of bioplastic that is increasingly “friend to man and nature” and a packaging for the cosmetic industry that meets both environmental and sustainability requirements. Baralan’s business decisions are made in full awareness and respect for social responsibility. Baralan has an active team, with an exclusive mission: to research and produce innovative and eco-sustainable packaging. The challenge is to obtain results by presenting a range of high quality products to the market, capable of anticipating and satisfying the needs of the consumer with an eye always attentive to environmental and social problems.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill