OPRL updates its Labelling Rules to include PP films

OPRL announced last week that it is amending its Labelling Rules to include PP films from 1 January 2022. This move will bring PP flexible packaging into line with PE films, significantly broadening the range of flexible packaging consumers can recycle at front of store.

OPRL is confident collections will be widely available across the UK (i.e. to more than 75% of the population) for mono-polymer PP films by January 2022, and that the material will be sorted and go on for processing into new packaging and products. All-Polypropylene films, designed for recycling according to the scheme’s specific requirements and updated Labelling Rules, can therefore be also labelled with OPRL’s Special Films Label from next January, as PE films.

As an active member of OPRL, Hatzopoulos S.A. develops high-performance mono-material solutions based on both PP and PE, in line with the scheme’s guidelines for flexible packaging design for recycling.

For more information on Hatzopoulos S.A visit: x-cycle.hatzopoulos.gr/

Written by Dom Thorby

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