M.B. Nieuwenhuijse and LC Packaging introduce plastic neutral net bags

LC Packaging and M.B. Nieuwenhuijse B.V are two Dutch family-owned organisations that have partnered with Plastic Bank to help stem the tide on ocean plastic to secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Onions (and their packaging) against plastic soup

Because of its effectiveness and efficiency, net bags supplied by LC Packaging protects M.B. Nieuwenhuijse’s onions, maintains product quality, and thus prevents spoilage and food waste. The nets are made from plastic that is difficult to recycle due to the structure of the material and could therefore negatively impact the environment after use, thus motivating the partnership to work towards limiting the damage.

European countries usually have proper systems for collecting and recycling waste. There is, however, an inadequate waste collection and recycling infrastructure in many African and developing countries where M.B. Nieuwenhuijse exports its onions. Consequently, used net bags could pollute the environment and even end up as ocean plastic.

Plastic neutral net bags

Over the next year LC Packaging and M.B. Nieuwenhuijse will prevent 50,000 kgs of plastic from entering the ocean, while improving lives in collaboration with Plastic Bank. Positively impacting collector families in vulnerable coastal communities. Collectors receive bonuses for the materials they collect which helps them provide basic family necessities such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, and health insurance.

Each bag of onions is Certified Plastic Neutral by Plastic Bank, making environmental, social and economic impact. Each bag prevents 56 grams of plastic, or 2.8 single-use plastic bottles from entering the ocean in collaboration with Plastic Bank. Collected plastic is reprocessed for reintroduction into the global supply chain. 


“LC Packaging is committed to contribute to a world without waste. By 2030, the company aims to have at least 80% of turnover come from packaging that delivers the circular economy”, LC Packaging’s CEO, Lucas Lammers, explains. “Also, for the net bag, LC Packaging is investigating a variety of opportunities to achieve circularity. As the bags today do possibly end up in the environment in developing countries, together with M.B. Nieuwenhuijse, LC Packaging has decided to minimise the impact and neutralise the bags in collaboration with Plastic Bank.”

“We are proud to have partnered with LC Packaging to collaborate with Plastic Bank and reduce the impact our packaging has on the environment and leave the planet in a better state that we currently find it, for future generations to come”, says Koen Nieuwenhuijse, Director of M.B. Nieuwenhuijse B.V.

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Written by Dominy Jones