OneCircle celebrates extended market reach in Slovenia together with HopSi

OneCircle, producer of the circular packaging KeyKeg® and UniKeg®, has increased its presence in the Slovenian market by adding HopSi to its network. HopSi is a family-owned hop farm, distributing beer ingredients and equipment across Slovenia and internationally. Starting from today the KeyKeg®, UniKeg® and accessories will be available in their online HopsiShop.

HopSi has been chosen to become an official reseller of the KeyKeg® and UniKeg® as it shares OneCircle’s values of sustainability, growth, efficiency and quality. These are our standards which all our partners demonstrate to ensure our circular goals for the future remain a consistent priority.

Located in the Carinthia and Styria regions of Slovenia, right on the sunny side of the Alps, HopSi offers a wide range of products that includes different types of hops, malt, yeasts, equipment and now also packaging to breweries. With customers spread throughout Slovenia, Asia, Russia, Australia and the US, HopSi combines tradition and respect for nature with modern age technology to produce and sell sustainable, high quality products. Their years of experience and ethical ambitions will allow for a seamless integration of their family ethos and ours.

As breweries and the hospitality sector continue seeking out more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to package and ship beverages, the KeyKeg® and UniKeg® offer a unique combination of solutions. With its circular design and conscientious production process, the OneCircle range can support the long-term efficiencies that will deliver ongoing success within the beverage distribution sector. KeyKegs® and UniKegs® are made of reused material, and the production process requires almost no water waste and CO2 emission. The KeyKeg® contains the unique Bag-in-Keg® technology which will allow tapping without CO2 and squeezes every last drop out of the keg, preventing product waste.

HopSi Mihael Vitko, Director HopSi said: “Our service begins with raw, quality ingredients that eventually become exceptional, quality beers, wines or ciders that are distributed across the beverage industry. So, it was imperative that we found an outstanding packaging solution that protected and preserved all that hard work. We truly believe that KeyKeg® and UniKeg® products are the best option for efficiencies and freshness. With our strong presence in SE Europe this will be a great opportunity for the local beverage producers to have an accessible range of products, with fast delivery and significant economic improvements. This dedication to the product, process and customer needs makes our company a dedicated one stop shop for the businesses we serve…”

Michiel de Jager, OneCircle International Account Manager, said: “Slovenia and its surrounding countries might be known for their terroir and their amazing wines, but we should not forget about the breweries from that area that are able to brew incredible beers with the freshest hops from Slovenian soil. One of the companies that has been providing Slovenian hops to those that are seeking authentic regional flavours from different types of hops, is HopSi. We are happy to announce that they will now also be providing OneCircle products such as KeyKeg® and UniKeg®. Mihael and his team will be able to supply all beverage producers (beer, wine, cocktails, etc.) with our high-end circular packaging solutions that the high-end beverages from that area deserve.”

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Written by Kevin Gambrill

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