One-stop solution for packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries

New Interseroh unit “Environmental Compliance Europe”: services throughout Europe from one single source

From now on, the environmental services provider Interseroh is bundling all of its services throughout Europe for packaging licensing and the taking back of waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries under the name Environmental Compliance Europe (Umwelt Compliance Europa / UCE). Via a central contact point, manufacturers, distributors and importers are able to comply with their product responsibility and the resulting registration and take-back obligations in Europe on a convenient and legally-compliant basis.

“Any manufacturer, importer or (online) retailer who places waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging on the European market faces a veritable thicket of national laws and regulations,” says Frank Kurrat, Division Manager for Recycling Solutions at INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH. Due to the lack of a central reporting and registration office, the registration has to be completed separately for each country and for each type of product and packaging. Then there is the fact that the statutory regulations differ from one country to the next, and in most cases, the legislation is only published in the respective national language. “The risk of unintentionally breaking the law and being fined is correspondingly high, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, many of which do not have the requisite personnel resources or knowledge of the various foreign languages,” explains Frank Kurrat.

This is where the new UCE Unit from Interseroh steps in. With an efficient network of partners, the team of experts is able to manage all the tasks that arise from the legal obligations within the EU and in Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. Its spectrum of services ranges from the analysis and selection of suitable country-specific licensing and take-back systems, to contract management, through to reporting. “With a service provider, businesses are able to manage both the taking back of waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries and the packaging licensing in other European countries without burdening their own teams or incurring administrative costs. This means they can circumvent compliance-risks – which gives them additional capacity for their core business,” explains Kurrat.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill