NEXXO inks for Funai produce hi-res 2d codes, 10mm throw distance for curve printing

Kao Collins Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial inkjet inks, announced the launch of the NEXXO line of inkjet inks for the new solvent-compatible Funai thermal inkjet ink cartridge after extensive testing in production environments.

The inks offer greater opportunities for printing on new and challenging substrates with thermal inkjet technology. Cartridges maintain integrity when using strong solvent formulation.

“These amazing Funai cartridges opened the door for our NEXXO line of solvent inks. Now printers using CIJ systems have a TIJ alternative that requires little ongoing service, reduces VOC emissions, and prints higher-quality expiration information,” said John Herman, the TIJ Business Manager.

The NEXXO inks print high-resolution 2d coding and increase the readability of expiration dates and lot numbers using solid alphanumerics instead of dot-matrix. The inks also support the increased throw distance of the cartridge. At 10mm, the Funai TIJ systems now offer an alternative to other printing systems for marking and coding on curved or recessed surfaces.

Compared to CIJ systems for printing non-porous materials, the ink-cartridge combination reduces VOC emissions by almost 90%. There is virtually no downtime when using Nexxo ink in Funai cartridges.

Funai TIJ technology offers greater efficiency, with less downtime, maintenance, and almost no cleaning. Kao Collins has been producing inks for Funai systems since 2009.

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Written by Kevin Gambrill