Anything the Packaging Industry can do to overcome the illness and death being spread by the Corona Virus is clearly worth doing as a matter of great urgency. BALL-ISTIC19™ is a powerful weapon to be deployed in this fateful battle. A completely new vision of packaging and how it can deliver an antiviral sterilization product onto the hands – a new way to ‘Wash your Hands!’ a hygienic activity that is strongly recommended by public health authorities worldwide.

It is a fact that one of the most common ways the virus is spread is by hands that pick it up from any surface to which it has attached itself.

By playing with BALLISTIC19™ all participants are automatically cleaning their hands and killing any pathogens that may have been present. In this way, the Packaging Industry is indeed helping to create an extremely powerful weapon in the war against the Corona Virus.


The importance of hand washing in the battle against the spread of the Coronavirus cannot be overstated. The ability of BALL-ISTIC19™ to distribute anti-virus sterilization products can make a significant contribution to the ultimate victory over this and future pandemics.

Written by Philip Yorke

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