NEW:  One Machine – Multiple Band Widths

Introducing yet another layer of flexibility and sustainability– Bandall is making it easier to label and bundle even greater varieties of products by adding a choice of band widths to individual banding units. With the new Multi-Width option you can now band more if not all of your products on a single machine, reducing investment costs and enjoying greater flexibility and efficiency. For example, in just a few moments you can adjust a banding unit for 100 mm to band with 75 mm and 48 mm paper or film. Or transform a unit for 75 mm wide banding to process 60 mm, 48 mm and even 28 mm.

Easy click system

A very flexible packaging solution that is easy to implement into all types of packaging operations. Simply click the set of fillers in and out of position to change the band width as often as you wish. Each new width has its own set of fillers. Move mobile stand-alone models between production stations to service several packaging lines. And there are further optional functions such as printing variable data onto the band during the banding operation. The Bandall Print & Band option.

The Multi-Width option is available in combination with the newest standard model and initially for the most commonly used band widths. A number of recent technical advancements incorporated into the Bandall improve accessibility, easy operation and quality. And the Multi-Width option will soon be available for further models including fully automatic equipment.

Lowest cost of ownership

Constantly innovating, and so continuing to offer flexible and advanced banding solutions, Bandall is geared to respond to the fast changing demands of today. An excellent reputation for long-lasting equipment, for improving efficiencies and a concerted focus on environmental considerations, all contribute to the overall low cost of ownership synonymous with Bandall. And the Multi-Width option is the latest step in offering customers even more value for money. Would you like to know more?  Please contact us at, or visit

We will put you in touch with your local distributor, our global team are ready and eager to demonstrate the new Multi-Width option

Written by Kevin Gambrill