Unique Packaging made from Printa™ for CORNY muesli bars

Boring print products are out! The colourful packaging designs for CORNY muesli bars made by Schwartauer Werke are real eye catchers and stand out on the store shelf.

Market leader for muesli bars
Many consumers have known the Schwartauer Werke products since they were children: In 1984, the company first produced CORNY muesli bars, and ever since then, Schwartauer Werke as the market leader has been synonymous with premium quality muesli bars. Their market share in Germany is more than 50 %; about 375 million bars are produced every year.
Ultimate indulgence and premium quality – this is what drives Schwartauer Werke every day. The company also produces jams, sweet bread spreads, syrups and dessert sauces in addition to the CORNY bars. The high quality standards of Schwartauer Werke determine the entire production process: Starting with the selection of premium ingredients, continuing with careful processing and ending with the packaging. And when it comes to packaging, the German company is always good for a surprise.

Every packaging is unique
For the CORNY special edition “My Style”, a sophisticated personalised campaign was created. CORNY “My Style” stands for unusual flavours like “Banana Caramel Shake”, “Chocolate Brownie Shake” or “Strawberry Milk Shake”. The packaging made from our cartonboard quality Printa™ from the MMK Gernsbach mill is individually digitally printed by the printing company Elanders. Every CORNY package is unique.
“Our goal is to create unique printing products that our customers and of course consumers will remember for a long time. In order to tap into additional creative potential and take advantage of unlimited possibilities for printing, we use the software HP SmartStream Designer. This software allows us to produce individual printed images – create millions of colourful designs – each of which is absolutely unique.” Melanie Häußermann, Key Account Management Sales at Elanders.

The innovative packaging concept expresses Schwartauer’s guiding principle: “Really Well Done”.
“We pursue a standard of highest quality – at all levels. We want our business activities to say: That’s really well done. Our goal is to offer our customers products that are as natural as they can be and preserve the good things in nature. At the same time, we want to surprise our customers with new and tasty products. This spirit of innovation also extends to the packaging of our products. Here too, we want to surprise our customers and make them marvel. With the endless design variations of the CORNY packaging, we have managed to do just that.” Christian Kamphoven, Senior Brand Manager CORNY (Healthy Snacks).

For more information see https://www.mm-karton.com/en/news-unfolded/unique-packaging-made-from-printatm-for-corny-muesli-bars/

Written by Kevin Gambrill