Metsä Board’s paperboards successful in European Carton Excellence Awards 2020

Metsä Board, the leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards and part of Metsä Group, is delighted to announce that five cartons produced using its quality paperboards were selected as winners at the 2020 European Carton Excellence Awards at a virtual ceremony organised on 7th October. Metsä Board’s paperboard was used for the winner in the category of Food & Drink Packaging, Virgin Fibre, as well as for two Platinum Award winning cartons and for two Gold Award winning cartons.

“The demand for packaging continues to grow and new, sustainable solutions as well as innovations are needed to replace fossil-based materials and to ensure circularity. Sustainability has become an integral part of packaging design,” says Maarten Florizoone, Sales Director, Converters Team at Metsä Board. “I am proud that Metsä Board’s ecological and recyclable paperboards were selected by our customers and partners for the five award winning packages, and I would like to congratulate all the teams behind the winning designs.”

The winners using Metsä Board’s paperboards were:


Korpikuusikko Honey

Brand owner: Korpikuusikko Honey​

Converters of primary pack and gift box: ​Prem & cadPack​

Paperboard: MetsäBoard Natural FBB 325 g/m2 (primary pack) and 270 g/m2 (gift box)


Party Délice

Brand owner: Den Berk Délice​

Converter: Remmert Dekker Packaging​

Paperboard: MetsäBoard Prime FBB Bright 305 g/m2​


Brand owner: Amomed​

Converter: Rattpack & Co​

Paperboard: MetsäBoard Pro FBB 310 g/m2

Hennessy Classivm
Brand owner: Hennessy​

Converter: Artigrafiche Reggiane e Lai​

Paperboard: MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright 220 g/m2​

UCB Clinical vials pack

Brand owner: UCB​

Converter: Rondo​

Paperboard: MetsäBoard Prime FBB Bright 290 g/m2​

The European Carton Excellence Award is Europe’s most prestigious award for cartonboard packaging. Cartonboard is the perfect example of the circular economy being renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It is also one of the best in communicating brand values, from luxury brands to everyday goods.

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For further information, please contact:

Marjo Halonen, VP Communications, Metsä Board

Mobile: +358 (0)50 598 7046


Metsä Board

Written by Kevin Gambrill

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