Meanwell Packaging share estimated figures on how many tonnes of corrugated cardboard they’ve saved over the past 40 years.

Since Meanwell Packaging started, they’ve been collecting used corrugated boxes and recycling them to ship their products in. 

With a total of 45 collections a year, Meanwell Packaging estimate that they have saved a total of 129,375 tonnes worth of corrugated boxes from going to landfill since they began in 1982.

From 2010 to the start of 2022 they saved an estimated 4500 tonnes worth of corrugated boxes each year and predict those numbers will continue.

Company Director Tjobbe Andrews said: “We have always used recycled packaging to ship our goods. Not only does it make economic sense but we as a family have always cared about the environment and it pains us to see the senseless waste our industry and other retailers produce. 

This is just a small thing we can do to help mitigate the impact our own activities have. We recycle ourselves at home and in the office of course, and it always surprises people that we only have one recycling bin and one general waste bin that is collected every fortnight, and they’re rarely full” 

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Written by Dominy Jones